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A bump in the night
I felt a bump near my penis and I started to freak out because I could see it through my pubic hair. I immediately cut off all my hair and saw some small bumps....     For detail, click here.
It gets better...
I was diagnosed a month after I graduated college. I had been dating the same man, who lied to me about his status. Before we became physical I let him know I g...     For detail, click here.
A new day
I was diagnosed 10 years ago it was right after high school and I was getting ready for college. I got it from a girl I was dating on and off who didn’t tell me...     For detail, click here.
Too young..
I had been sleeping with this guy for about three years. I knew he had been intimate with other girls and that didn't bother me as long as he used protection (c...     For detail, click here.
Living with this
I was diagnosed in 2009 with hsv 2 by a blood test. I went to get tested for all stds after a relationship ended. When I got the test results I was in denial be...     For detail, click here.