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never been able to look down there again
i was diagnosed with HPV/GW a couple days ago. and this had to happen as soon as i started a new relationship, note after sexual contact. I was devastated, he t...     For detail, click here.
My husband gave it to me
I have herpes 2 and my husband drank and was a wife beater so I got separated. Well he knew he had it and he raped me. Later he cried and said he caught it off ...     For detail, click here.
Is it Really Herpes?
I was diagnosed in 2009 after getting a divorce. My exwife has oral herpes. Ive had an oral or a genital outbreak. Yet I did get some mysterious bumps around my...     For detail, click here.
WOW, Really?
Just found out this week I have HPV/GW. I noticed some bumps after being abraded by her improper shaving. Ex keeps saying she's clean and did not give it to me....     For detail, click here.
genital herpes with a twist
A year and a half ago i got herpes from a former boyfriend. though he will never admit it he was the only one i was sleeping with for about a year. first outbre...     For detail, click here.