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Not sure
Break outs every so often,once every other month which is to frequent,didn't realize there was a problem until,my arm or gentials would feel funny,then bumps th...     For detail, click here.
Difficult case
I have had HSV2 for several years. It was dormant and unrecognizable the first several years, but then once I started grad school and then a high stress job, th...     For detail, click here.
I found it.
I have herpes type 2. Never took drugs because I never believed in them. The big pharma companies dont care about me or you. I have continuous breakouts at leas...     For detail, click here.
Not the end of the world
I've been living with genital H for 4 years. I have a high stress job so OBs are sometimes frequent but the severity of them is considerably less than in the be...     For detail, click here.
2 years
long story ex of 2 years cheated and my first ob was a blister on my knee. nothing in the genital area at of course i thought it was just a...     For detail, click here.