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Only 2 outbreaks ever
I had my first two outbreaks 7 years ago the first month and no more. HPV I had surgery which cost $12,000! Didn't work! They came back, so I had the few fro...     For detail, click here.
diet and supplements
I follow a natural diet high in lysine. The virus cannot replicate in a high lysine environment. If I accidentally eat something with a high arginine content,...     For detail, click here.
Still can't believe it....
Was diagnosis about a year ago...unfortunately I became infected when I choose to have a FWB... When I found out I let him know right away of course he denied i...     For detail, click here.
living with it
I found out about six months ago that I had herpes from my now ex girlfriend or at least I think. Anyways the one thing I've noticed to help fight it is don't t...     For detail, click here.
Back to back outbreaks for six months
I contacted herpes 8 months ago from a single encounter. I used protection. I have just been through 6 months + of back to back O/B, with barely 2-3 days in bet...     For detail, click here.