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Feeling Worthless
I have genital herpes contracted through my partner of 15 years. It ended our relationship a couple of years ago, and I have not dated since. I am 61 and peop...     For detail, click here.
living with HSV
positive 17 years, overall healthy try to maintain a stress free lifestyle not always easy...     For detail, click here.
Be truthful, even if it hurts.
I was raped, in 2006 and I had my first out break in 2011. I was extremely stressed at the time, and I am on my second round of outbreak. I've learned a lot a...     For detail, click here.
posted like solders
I was told in March of 2011 that I had warts, what started out with only one weird bump came out to be just that. Been back in forth to the doctor. when I was t...     For detail, click here.
If not ''HIV'' then what causes ''AIDS'' What about Africa?
Two of my girlfriends over the years spent living in Uganda were told they are ''HIV +''. I reminded them that discordance is common and that some researchers ...     For detail, click here.