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Not over yet
This virus blind sided be. I'm always careful. Always. Yet somehow one guy lied to me or had no idea himself and I ended up with this. Oh well. There's honestly...     For detail, click here.
so many drugs...
I have type 2 herpes, found out going on 4 years ago. The first outbreak was beyond terrible all throughout my area in my butthole. I had several in the first s...     For detail, click here.
Healthy living!!
I was diagnosed 5 years ago. Was to embarrassed to go to the doctor. So I suffer a lot of outbreaks two to three times a month. I got tired of living that way...     For detail, click here.
Herpes outbreak free herbal treatment
I've had hsv type 2 for a few years. Started having outbreaks about 2 years ago. Doctors prescibed vaxtrex, it worked as far as healing the outbreaks, very slow...     For detail, click here.
Never thought it would happen to me...
funnily enough even though swinging is a big part of my life I really enjoy having sex I enjoyed many aspects of it and tried to make mine and others fantasi...     For detail, click here.