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I had a horrible first breakout just over a year ago..I was extremely sick with Flu like symptoms, high fever, muscle aches, headaches, along with a gross disch...     For detail, click here.
I have made peace and moved on
Diagnosed almost 9 years ago...could have been positive prior to that. Outbreaks were monthly and limited to what appeared to be a single ingrown hair in the pu...     For detail, click here.
Some real dishonest people out there
I have Genital herpes and only just found out yesterday, still in shock, and never thought that this could ever happen to me. Thought I was in a safe relationsh...     For detail, click here.
Herpes isn't that bad
I have herpes for 20+ years. I caught it from my husband (boyfriend at the time), and have been with him ever since. So nice of him to give me this wonderful gi...     For detail, click here.
supplements can help too
i have herpes1 the type of cold sore you get on your lip- but because now my immune system is bad cuz i have hiv, the herpes has traveled along the neuro-pathwa...     For detail, click here.