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Dealing with it.
I have Herpes 2 (genital) I have lived with it for 7 years. I had a one night stand with this kid I knew and right in the middle of sex he said the oddest thing...     For detail, click here.
Life long
Had my first outbreak after sex with my second wife. It was a major outbreak. My partner soon to be wife either had no idea, or knew and acted dumb. I was na...     For detail, click here.
there may be a hope
I contracted genital herpes from a stripper without genital to genital contact a few months ago. My second out break was 2 weeks after the first one while I was...     For detail, click here.
I found an effective non precribed way of controlling my herpes
I have herpes and i dont take valtrax or any prescribed medicine. Lysine tablets to boost your immune system(take 3 if you feel the signs) and aloe vera juice...     For detail, click here.
My treatment story
Since being diagnosed in 2010, I have only have 2 ob's. The first one, which was physically painful but virtually not so bad.. was the worse of the two. The sec...     For detail, click here.