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wow so many drugs!!!
ppl need to understand that herpes is a paracidic like virus that hides behind heavy medals that are built up in your nervus system....there are foods that rele...     For detail, click here.
this last forever, unfortunately marriages dont
my wife had it before we got married and passed it on to me. unfortunately the marriage didnt last but you know what does. i'm on a very strict paleo diet and ...     For detail, click here.
Don't worry be happy
Was engaged ready to get married only to have my fiancĂ© give me the gift that keeps on giving! Hard to trust people these days. Can't stress this enough to peop...     For detail, click here.
5 months in
I had a one night stand WITH a condom but once it ripped the random chick threw herself on me after taking off the ripped condom and thats where my mistake was,...     For detail, click here.
I've let it get to me
I got HSV1 (G) when I was 19, I don't know who from. I went to a support group, which helped. I never had anyone reject me or react badly when I disclosed. I ha...     For detail, click here.