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How I removed genital warts using natural products
I'v been living with HPV2 for years and fighting an endless uphill battle ...outbreak after outbreak. A friend of mine told me about oxyfend which is a natural ...     For detail, click here.
Genital Warts Removal and HPV Control Effective Natural Treatment
I had genital warts and used different techniques to get rid of it, some worked at some extent other didn't. As I'm not very keen on antibiotics and nasty chemi...     For detail, click here.
Never had a breakout
I was Diagnosed recently, but know telling how long I've had it. I have never had a genital breakout.I just decided to get tested..Surprise! I have 1 & 2 and I ...     For detail, click here.
The unexpected
I was Diagnosed with Hpv this year, Finally these stupid On base GYMS/doctors are stupid. I'd have to say I might have had it longer period time though. I H...     For detail, click here.
Glad I didn't marry him!
I have HSV-2 for about 8 years got it from a man I was going to marry. Found out he not only got someone else pregnant he was paying for sex a real man I tell y...     For detail, click here.