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Glad I didn't marry him!
I have HSV-2 for about 8 years got it from a man I was going to marry. Found out he not only got someone else pregnant he was paying for sex a real man I tell y...     For detail, click here.
seek out natural remedies and holistic treatments!
HSV positive for almost 7 years and have yet to suffer a cataclysmic outbreak like the first one. after a very brief run with prescription pharmaceuticals, i ha...     For detail, click here.
What works for me!
After nine years of being with my kids father He decided to give me the gift that keeps on giving, and turn my life upside down. In the beginning I was so asham...     For detail, click here.
so far so good
I got genital herpes a few months ago from a cheating gf. Talk about a bad week. I freaked out about it at first but have started to calm down and try to lower ...     For detail, click here.
Staying positive
I got HSV 2 about 4 yrs ago. I remember the sores, intense pain, burning, and embaressment I felt. My symptoms were so severe I was taking Vicodin and had to...     For detail, click here.