STD inspirational stories (1,400+)

All these shared experiences about living with STDs were contributed by real people. We hope to help you gain the confidence to manage STD in your daily life.

Many people, especially when newly diagnosed, find comfort in knowing that others have similar experiences. Inspire and help others by sharing your story! You can do it anonymously.

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At 16 I got herpes. I had my first panic attack, broke down and cried my eyes out. It wasn't easy trying to explain what was wrong to my mom through sobs and a ...     For detail, click here.
I am 20 years old and I was diagnosed with herpes back in March 2010. At first i was devastated! I felt as if i was at my all time low and nothing could be wors...     For detail, click here.
As a small child of 12, who grew up in New York City and was raped by a so called family friend who warned me not to say anything or my mother would be killed. ...     For detail, click here.
I was first diagnosed about 8 months ago. When my doctor told me it was herpes, I cried. I literally thought my life was over. What would people think? Would an...     For detail, click here.
I remember thinking to myself, "omg, if I ever got herpes, I would just die. I won't ever have sex again," because my best friend had it. I saw what s...     For detail, click here.
It was 1977...and I was a divorced fun-loving 20 year-old, working, going to school and raising a toddler. When faced with the first painful (and frightening) o...     For detail, click here.