STD inspirational stories (1,400+)

All these shared experiences about living with STDs were contributed by real people. We hope to help you gain the confidence to manage STD in your daily life.

Many people, especially when newly diagnosed, find comfort in knowing that others have similar experiences. Inspire and help others by sharing your story! You can do it anonymously.

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I don’t know if I could call this an inspiration but an experience. I have HIV, but lead a good happy life. I have many friends whom I don’t tell my situati...     For detail, click here.
Having been diagnosed on April Fools 2009, I was sure it was some sort of sick and twisted joke. A person, such as my self- always cautious, good head on my sho...     For detail, click here.
It took me days to sit and wonder why I was chosen to have such an experience with life. All I ever wanted was the military, to be part of something so amazing ...     For detail, click here.
I used to think like a child,when I saw all those herpes commercials on the Television.Isnt it somehow all to real to find out,after sometime the dogma is all t...     For detail, click here.
I have had this forever. I had low self confidence and this virus caused that to plummet even more. I could not bring myself to date anyone as I was ashamed to ...     For detail, click here.
I am a very Spiritual person and I draw from the energy around me and try to create and keep positive energy around me. One of the things I do is listen to Spir...     For detail, click here.
I don't consider herpes a disease. Why: because it is a virus that is common among many people. Most of the people don't even know they carry the virus and ar...     For detail, click here.
I first found out i had HSV when i had just started my post secondary education. I was devistated when i first found out. At first it bothered me because it was...     For detail, click here.
I was like most who spent quite a bit of time in shock and disbelief that this happened. It was hard to get my head around the whole "incurable...for the r...     For detail, click here.
I meet this guy, my husband and i was getting divorce,went to bed.have sex,six months later found that i have HIV.its was really bad.I was in Puerto Rico and th...     For detail, click here.