STD inspirational stories (1,400+)

All these shared experiences about living with STDs were contributed by real people. We hope to help you gain the confidence to manage STD in your daily life.

Many people, especially when newly diagnosed, find comfort in knowing that others have similar experiences. Inspire and help others by sharing your story! You can do it anonymously.

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Im in deep shit concerning a woman I've been with for 7yrs and all the time unprotected im totally f***ed she's going to take it all the legal way! And just r...     For detail, click here.
I've been living with Herpes for about 5 years now & I'm not going to lie I took it really hard at first, the person I thought gave it to me didn't, I ended up ...     For detail, click here.
I lost my virginenity to a friend n I found out I got herpes two months later. I was mad,hurt,betrayed but I learned to forgive and not let it get to me since ...     For detail, click here.
I first found out i had herpes after i was raped by my best friend..i thought my life was over and that no one would ever want to touch me ever again... with su...     For detail, click here.
I got herpes in high school at the age of 17. I pretty much kept it to myself but told family what I had because I was so young and I needed advice. Big mistake...     For detail, click here.
It has been a month now that i have shared my story on here. I am i guess you can say newly diagnosed (6 months ago). I suffered from depression, terrible aniex...     For detail, click here.
I joined this site three years ago when I was first diagnosed. I came to this site seeking support and answers, I wasn't looking for anything romantic. I foun...     For detail, click here.
I've been living with herpes for 6 months now. I still suffer from terrible aniexty. I believe my partner of 2 years knew he had the STD all along and didn't te...     For detail, click here.
I've been on positive singles for over a year now and have benefited from the inspirational and treatment stories. I no longer feel alone in my plight. I haven...     For detail, click here.
I don't have a wonderful success story..not even close. I wish I did but, I don't. All I can offer is that on this site, you aren't alone and besides trying t...     For detail, click here.