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Asked by Anonymous in Herpes
may 07, 2021
Two swabs came back negative and a dermatologist said it is rosacea but it started shortly after giving oral sex to a woman that had very sharp little hairs that were piercing my skin. It seems that I always get blemishes that look like pimples and more so since wearing a mask all the time during the pandemic. Does herpes on the face look like acne ?
Asked by Anonymous in Herpes
may 04, 2021
asking for a friend ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Asked by Anonymous in Hepatitis
apr 10, 2021
A person I met has HIV and is undectable and I have chronic hepatitis b. We both want children but have not been able to find any information on safe ways to do this. We have basically been told that I am a risk to her and we should end the relationship as it is not possible to start a family. Any help or advice would be of help.
Asked by Anonymous in HPV
apr 05, 2021
I have type 2 herpes and got HPV years ago. But is it true is clears out of the system after 2 years? Even if I do have it and never had a outbreak for it.
Asked by Anonymous in Herpes
apr 01, 2021
I got a friction like sore on the base of my dick 2 weeks after getting with my partner 6 years ago and then nothing since She however would get like shaving looking rash where her pubic hair is, not around her vagina! She says it Herpes, i seem fine What am i meant to do now?? We split up and im left in limbo!
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