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How can you have kids without spreading the virus to the baby? Would you go to a clinic and freeze your sperm or just regular sex?

  • Its always been a question for me I just dont know how it works. Would the baby get the virus regardless

    Asked by Anonymous in Herpes Dec 25, 2017
  • Posted on Jan 01, 2018


    Herpes is a virus of the skin. The virus is spread by coming in direct skin-to-skin contact with the virus. Herpes could be fatal to an infant. An inf... For detail, click here

  • Posted on Feb 11, 2018


    i have had 3 kids and delivered them naturally. a few weeks before your due date, your doctor puts you on daily medicine to suppress outbreaks. you don't have to have a C section.

  • Posted on Feb 04, 2018

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    The baby would not get the virus. I have 2 children and delivered both of them vaginally and neither one have the virus. As long as the woman is not having an active outbreak during labor the chances are slim.

  • Posted on Jan 26, 2018


    If you're male your genitals and sperm should be NOWHERE near a baby. If you're female and concerned about the baby you're carrying or plan to have, also plan to have a c-section birth to protect the baby.

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