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How am I now negative for herpes HSV-II), or did I have it and am now cured?

  • Diagnosed with Herpes (HSV-II, genital) a year ago. Took Valtrex religiously, w/ no further outbreaks. Retested recently, and results came back as CLEAR of HSV-II?! Clinic can't find any original lab requests or results from a year ago. Wondering if diagnosis was erroneously based on sight only, if any labs were actually run, or if there was a lab or doctor error. Any other way I could now be clear of herpes, or did I have it and am now cured? I didn't think there was a cure!

    Asked by Anonymous in Herpes Jan 02, 2016
  • Posted on Jan 06, 2016


    The situation you mentioned is actually rather common. Herpes is a virus of the skin. The virus hides in the central nervous system. The human body us... For detail, click here

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