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I have HSV2! If I am taking Valtrex daily, do not feel tingling, and use a condom, what are the chances that I can pass HSV2?Is it a high chance? or is it like a chance like they say the chances of getting attacked by a shark. Its a chance but is super rare. Thank you

  • Asked by Anonymous in Herpes Nov 28, 2015
  • Posted on Dec 01, 2015


    I noticed the same exact question was posted twice. So I'm going to copy my answer from my previous post. If you have an additional questions let me k... For detail, click here

  • Posted on Nov 30, 2015


    If you are taking Valtrex, use condoms, and don't feel the tingling nor "see" an outbreak, the chance is very low. I can't tell if youre a dude or a girl, but the tricky part for girls is that it is on the "inside" as well as outside. So while a girl might not think she has an outbreak, theres a chance it is going on inside. i wouldn't say super rare, but it is low. hope this helped!

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