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I'm a woman. I've had genital HSV-2 (culture) for 33 years with rarely any oubreaks for the past 20. I just gave my herpes negative man unprotected oral sex.. Can HSV2 be passed from me giving him oral sex and/or thru kissing? If so what's the risk factor/% of passing it? Depending on this answer and if he wants to continue, what are the risk factors/% to pass it using condoms during vag and anal sex. Re kissing, shedding, saliva. Can he get it from us kissing?

  • I rarely have any outbreaks. I'm not on meds per my Dr. I don't have sex during the time I can feel an outbreak coming on until weeks after the sore is healed.

    Asked by Anonymous in Herpes Nov 21, 2015
  • Posted on Nov 26, 2015


    From what your telling me I understand you have only genital HSV-2. Herpes is spread by coming in direct oral, vaginal, and/or anal contact with the v... For detail, click here

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