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I had unprotected sex and fear I may have been shedding at the time. I have not told him, things were hot n heavy and I said we should use protection for his protection and he blew it off and now I am worried I could've given hsv2 to him. I also worry about what I could've contracted! It has haunted me and he does live in another state so we don't see each other much. I've been trying to speak to him as I don't want to text this info to no avail....I'm getting ck'd next week. Freaking out....

  • He's vegan into holistic living probably has a good immune system, which I do not. Have told him I want to talk and he's not phoned since getting back home n work, we've been texting as usual and I feel like we should speak to share this but it's been a week...I'm conflicted and feeling pretty stupid n scared!!

    Asked by Anonymous in Herpes Nov 05, 2015
  • Posted on Nov 09, 2015


    It seems like your experiencing some anxiety over this situation. Fear of not knowing how a partner will react over a situation could trigger these fe... For detail, click here

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