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New to Dating Partners NOT infected

  • …I was recently asked out by a person NOT infected with Herpes 2. When discussing my new condition, he asked if oral sex could lead to his contracting the virus. I honestly don't know thtis answer. Can you please advise? Thank you, Cynthia

    Asked by Anonymous in Herpes Oct 31, 2015
  • Posted on Nov 02, 2015


    The Center for Disease Control has accurate information about herpes. It's best to get your resources from government websites. Genital herpes is typi... For detail, click here

  • Posted on Nov 02, 2015


    Yes, any mucous contact can lead to transmission. This is theoretically why the rate of genital HSV 1 has been on the raise with the popularity of oral sex. Now HSV 1 is about as common genitally as is HSV 2. With suppressive antivirals you can reduce the occurrence of shedding virus and this is actually a great opportunity to have your partner get use to using a dental dam, which will is a great way to help prevent him from contracting HSV from you or anyone else in the future.

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