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Hi I have had Genital Herpes since 2008, outbreaks have been very scarce and mildaveraging once a year, My last reoccurrence outbreak was on 10th May 2013 which lasted about three days -4 small spots around anus area which is where I am affected - treatment with Tea tree oil seems to work very well for me.

  • my latest outbreak from 27th July 2015 to present has been the worse that I can remember/ experience with no influence of any illness, stress, surgery etc... during this period on many occasions it seemed that it was going away but the mild bumps just keep flaring up, but never to the extent of a pus filled blister - in the beginning symptoms of this latest outbreak have been the normal characteristics being very itchy etc.. However I am really starting to worry now because I have had this circular 7cm x 5cm red rash/burn looking patch suddenly appear on the inside of my left elbow joint where it meets the forearm and I am experiencing daily very frequent herpes tingling all down my arm to hands area and sometimes in left foot, both left foot & hand have felt quite numb at times., the tingling lasts up to 15 seconds in short bursts and is making me very anxious and concerned as I feel that I must still be very highly contiguous if I am still getting daily frequent tingling and a urge to scratch?? Q: why has this outbreak lasted so long? Q: what does the red arm rash indicate? is this normal of herpes Q: Or do you think that I have carelessly infected arm area myself

    Asked by Anonymous in Herpes Sep 04, 2015
  • Posted on Sep 10, 2015


    Herpes is a virus that travels though different nerve pathways in the central nervous system. The herpes virus usually travels down the same nerve pat... For detail, click here

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