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Why did this happen to me? How can I ever feel good about myself now?

  • I caught herpes and HPV. Not sure what to do.

    Asked by Anonymous in Other STD Feb 20, 2015
  • Posted on Feb 23, 2015


    Each individual has a different theory why ,"this happened to me". I'm heard people saying they feel punished, unclean, anger, depressed and... For detail, click here

  • Posted on Mar 22, 2015

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    I totally understand what you're going through! except I was assaulted over a year and a half ago and my hpv symptoms showed up a few weeks later. I was mortified But started to get into acceptance that my life wasn't over and then last July I had my first hsv2 outbreak. That mfkr gave me two things! Ugh, so relating to this. It's rough for sure and it hasn't been easy opening up about it. I have to go in for regular treatments for hpv symptoms if they appear and then I'm taking acyclovir for the hsv2. I couldn't walk when I was going through that outbreak, I missed work and by some miracle made it through finals. Oh man, I'm so grateful to have found this site so I don't feel so alienated and alone. I think it's getting easier over time. I stay super busy with work/school so I don't have a ton of time to dwell on it. Only when I start to future trip about dating and what their reactions gonna be and that negative thinking certainly doesn't help. So, right now I'm trying to heal and nurture myself so that when the time comes, I'm strong enough to deal with whatever happens. Right now, I'm pretty fragile and have completely lost any desire to be intimate with anyone but myself, alone. even that's progress from the initial shock of my diagnosis, believe me. Good luck to you! You are not alone!

  • Posted on Feb 20, 2015

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    We are all 3 going through the same thing but it has to get better from here I just found out almost 2 weeks ago

  • Posted on Feb 20, 2015


    I'm going through depression, I got both also from my ex. I have never felt this way. My goal was to help but I'm not there yet I need help myself. So sorry you are also going through this!

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