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I had sex with a new girlfriend and although we initially used condom afterwards we didnt. I only told her afterwards and we went to clinic next da. Where do I stand legally?

  • The clinic have told her it is a criminal offence (UK).

    Asked by Anonymous in HIV Jan 09, 2015
  • Posted on Jan 14, 2015

    STDcounselor PREMIUM

    The laws vary from state to state. Knowingly infecting a partner with HIV could be a felony offence in the UK. Respectfully, it's best to look at this... For detail, click here

  • Posted on Jan 11, 2015


    Well this was a lesson for you wasn't it....It's tough as hell to tell someone your intimate with that you have this disease but IMPERATIVE that you do before you have sex. Now you will probably never have trust with her again....

  • Posted on Jan 09, 2015


    I was told when I talked to the police after I was unknowingly infected with herpes that there was nothing I could do legally that only if someone infects another person with aids or hiv without prior discolsure can there be legal repercussions because aids and hiv can be life threatening. At least this is what I was told by my local police department. Good luck .

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