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Hi I had HPV for 12 years but have now been clear for over 2..

  • I know the odds for clearing the infection and it reoccurring, 90% as you say... My question is: If there are no active warts ( and i hope there never is again) what is the chance / risk of passing on the virus? I would like to say that regularly eating gogi berries "appeared" to make the difference. They are well documented to balance blood PH and to promote a very strong immune system.. I cant give a deff this will help any one but at least you're be eating something that's supper good for you..

    Asked by Anonymous in HPV Nov 15, 2014
  • Posted on Nov 17, 2014


    If you haven't ha an HPV outbreak in two or more years I would suggest telling a partner there is a 90% chance the virus completely cleared your body... For detail, click here

  • Posted on Nov 17, 2014


    The risk of passing HPV really depends on the strain of HPV a person has. There isn't an actual HPV strain test available for most individuals to take... For detail, click here

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