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Genital warts or ingrown scar?

  • So about a year ago I got what I thought was a ingrown hair at the base of my penis, I tried popping it but it didn't not pop and I finally got the hair out with some tweesers. Then when it healed it turned into a small bump, that I tried picking off because I thought I didn't get the entire hair out. At that time my girlfriend of over two years got her Pap smear and came back clean. And after that the little bump remains. I've recently in a panic tried the apple vinegar treatment. And have abstained from sex as to be sure. My worry is it is genital warts. But I only had one little bump. And it looked nothing like the ones I see online. Land I also hear your body can fight these offf, is it really a 80% chance? Because everywhere else say you'll have it for life.

    Asked by Anonymous in HPV Aug 15, 2014
  • Posted on Aug 19, 2014


    This advice shouldn't be used as medical advice. Folliculitis is a occurs when hair follicles become infected. When you pulled out the ingrown hair it... For detail, click here

  • Posted on Aug 16, 2014


    This is a massive question thousands/millions of us would like to know, but even in the year 2014, there are no definitive answers. Gutted

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