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could i have a lasting relationship with someone that has hiv an not contract it?

  • continous sex involved

    Asked by Anonymous in HIV Apr 08, 2014
  • Posted on Apr 10, 2014


    If safe sex happens the chance of passing HIV to a partner isn't high. It's important to use different hygiene products the may contain blood. Those i... For detail, click here

  • Posted on May 04, 2014

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    Yes, my former husband & I were together for over 25 years & he remained uninfected from my HIV. We practiced safe sex until the last 2-3 years when he chose to stop the use of condoms. Female to male transmission of HIV is not common to begin with & since my viral load had been undetectable for at least 10 years, he believed the risk of infection to be very low. As I said, he remained uninfected. Also, I was never sick from my HIV & still haven't been.

  • Posted on Apr 10, 2014


    Absolutely. I have a male friend who's by HIV pos for 20 years. He was able to go to Brigham and Woman's hospital in Boston to have sperm washing done so he could have kids. He has 4 kids and a wife who are all negative, they live a normal life.

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