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any fast testing for HIV?

  • I am very much wanting to be with a new partner, whom I really am very serious about. However, earlier this month I had a few hook ups and didn't vet my sex partner as well as I should of...there were more than 3...pretty close to strangers as you can get. I would like to get tested for HIV antibodies and close down the window time from any type of exposure to getting the most accurate test. what is the best, fastest test that will detect the smallest amount of antibodies....or do I have to really wait the 3-6 months?

    Asked by Anonymous in HIV Mar 03, 2014
  • Posted on Mar 07, 2014


    You don't necessarily need to wait "three" months. If a person is exposed to HIV today the blood test is likely to come back positive within... For detail, click here

  • Posted on Mar 09, 2014

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    Have a test there is only one test. If they call you back for a second check of the test then you have registered positive. HIV often converts after 10 to 14 days of contact. So if after sex 10 to 14 days later you had a strange illness or flu like symptoms then this could be indicative. But get tested and use condoms for 3-6 months. It usually show up within 3 months. Just make up some excuse to use condom don't wanna get pregnant prefer this way. Get tested and wait and I hope for you that they are serious as well. Ive just been through a break up from a positive partner I just cant believe knowing I have this he would just be playing me around then break up. Very very difficult to get a partner if you have HIV so don't ever muck about and risk it plus although its not as bad as diabetes it can still be terminal and usually comes with these awful drugs you have to take daily that wreck your body. Stay safe xx : )

  • Posted on Mar 04, 2014


    There is no fast test. You do however need to get tested right away if you had unprotected sex with one partner. If your test comes back negative you should follow up with in 6 months. You may experience any symptoms as this disease can hide itself with in the body. Please, if you really care about this new person you are getting involved with wear protection. I was diagnosed with HIV last year after being married for 6 years to a man I had no idea that was unfaithful to me. After we divorced I got tested only after not getting over a cold very easily and the test came back negative. Went back to my doctor about 7 months later and tested positive..

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