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How can I cope with depression from having an STD?

  • Being diagnosed with an STD changes a person's dating life. It could also affect an individual's social life. I can understand why being diagnosed with an STD causes sadness or depression. It's important to realize that anyone who had or has could catch herpes. Never feel like it's your fault. Negative thoughts are going to race in your mind. Slow down and think carefully about those thoughts. Often when a life changing situation happens we tend to think cloudy and negative. Many negative thoughts often aren't completely true. Always remember some partners will except you having herpes and other's won't Telling a partner about your situation shows you care about others and that your honest. Meeting your match depends mostly on how strong a couple feels rather than you having herpes. Plus if safe sex happens the chance of passing herpes to a partner could be very low. Take medication if needed, education a partner about how herpes is spread and safe sex. Most important continue being social and doing the things you enjoy. Exercisng, getting out of the house releases dopamine. Dopamine is a chemical in the brain that causes pleasure. It's important not to be homebound. A person who doesn't leave the house should at least force himself or herself to go for a walk.

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