All these shared experiences about living with STDs were contributed by real people. We hope to help you gain the confidence to manage STD in your daily life.

Many people, especially when newly diagnosed, find comfort in knowing that others have similar experiences. Inspire and help others by sharing your story! You can do it anonymously.

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"The Talk!" I have grown to really like you, When I tell you what will you do? In advance can I beg you to stay, Regardless of what you hear or I say. Should I tell you face to face? Maybe if ...more >>


"So wrong & So strong" For no apparent reason he decided to go astray, What he had he gambled & he through it all away. He was wrong, you are strong! Over a person that doesn't even look as go...more >>


I already fell ! When I first saw your smile, I thought "I see me with her a while." Then she spoke and hypnotised me, Every waking became about she. So when we had the talk, I did not tuck t...more >>


" Speak to the Problem" I hate you so much right now, I trusted you, but you tipped Me over like an innocent cow. Why did I give you my heart, Why did you say you would Love me from the very...more >>

Dont let resentmentcome calm riseup and go on...

Hi! I just want to tell everyone diagnose with herpes2, NOT GIVE UP ON LIFE! IBEEN LIVING A NORMAL LIFE FOR 5 YEARS WITH NO BREAKOUTS! all you need to do is to go to doctor and explain your situation ...more >>

It's ok

I've had this for nearly 10 years and I've definitely had my fair share of ups and downs. I hate the feeling in the pit of your stomach when you have to tell someone new. This site has been so amazing...more >>

keep living

I have had this for a year. The guy that give it to me ran ofg while i was at the doctors. I havent seen him since i moved. I relocated to the dallas area for a fresh start. None of my family or frien...more >>

Life moves on slowly...Patience and understanding

being on here helps. takes a lot of patience and understanding. Things get complicated but it really makes you focus on what you really want in life and that it could be worse. I know that sounds clic...more >>

Newly diagnosed

Hey, I've just recently been diagnosed. I undertook research to educate myself and my friends about the virus. Too my surprise my friends of over 20 years have not shown much support at all. I'm not ...more >>

It's not so bad

Have had H for over 10 years and it doesnt affect me much physically or emotionally. I can understand other people's fears as I would have probably had that same attitude if it didnt happen to me,but ...more >>

3 some

me and my boyfriend both have genital herpes. and i have always wanted to experience what it would like to be with a woman. i want him to experience it with i am seeking a woman from 19 to 22. ...more >>

Cheer up

Hi, my fellow guest....I know you guys are wondering why i'm not very upset with being diagnosed with herpes, well first let me see six days ago I felt I met the love of my life, I couldn'...more >>


My ex and I got tested before becoming sexually active. Both of us were clean, but I ended up contracting genital herpes (HSV2) from him performing oral sex on me (asymptomatic shedding from cold sore...more >>

Year after herpes

I have had herpes for one year now, in the beginning I was completely in denial, when I was diagnosed I didn't have any emotion really I couldn't react. Before I found out I knew something wasn't righ...more >>

How do I accept it

I found out I was positive for herpes last year , I haven't fully accepted it yet , I still cry every now and again I just wanna be happy with people who understands what I'm going through I hope to f...more >>

Middle age dating?

When growing up I imagined myself getting married and live happily ever after however life has its own realities. I'm now 40 years old, never been married, no kids and on top of that living with a dis...more >>

infected as a child

The man who raped me when i was four years old was the man i loved the most on earth ! My big brother. He was gay and he had to find that out on me. I terribly did not want him to touch me in a pri...more >>

Learning to Love Yourself Again

The hardest part about getting diagnosed with an STD is the love you lose for yourself. Suddenly, you feel worthless, dirty, and ashamed. You laugh with the jokes people say and inside your dying, but...more >>

It Gets Better

I was first diagnosed 12 years ago after not being "with" anyone for 4 years. My boyfriend of only a couple months gave it to me and I was inconsolable for days, I cried myself to sleep every single ...more >>

Cervical cancer scare

I just went for my normal smear and was told I had abnormal cells. I didn't know that HPV is such a common thing, I thought it's something you can see just like herpes. After the abnormal smear I was...more >>

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