All these shared experiences about living with STDs were contributed by real people. We hope to help you gain the confidence to manage STD in your daily life.

Many people, especially when newly diagnosed, find comfort in knowing that others have similar experiences. Inspire and help others by sharing your story! You can do it anonymously.

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Catching Herpes

Caught this hsv thing and it took a lot of understanding and research to realize what I caught. Realizing there is no cure for this disease was kind of depressing and still is. I do have hope that the...more >>

Dating ,the "talk" and moving forward!

As we all migrate or stumbled upon this site, i am quite sure at some point the nervousness, being unsure, or the "i will never date" again thought process has popped up at some point!! This has very ...more >>

It's not as bad as you think.

When i was diagnosed at first i felt really lost and confused as to how I would move forward. I stayed single for several years purposely not connecting with anyone. It wasn't until someone mentioned ...more >>

Take it day by day!

I know my worth! Fact: I've come to terms with first being diagnosed with HIV and its no easy task! I, for one, can honestly say I've know 2 years and I'm still have not fully come to terms with i...more >>

Know your worth!

Fact: Coming to terms with first being diagnosed with HSV is no easy task! I, for one, can honestly say that it took myself almost 2 years to fully come to terms with. I'm also not afraid to admit tha...more >>

The power of perspective.

If you are a new kid on this block, or a veteran, either way- I hope my words can help. This is my 8th year living with herpes type 1(genital). I received it from someone I loved and trusted, and had ...more >>

Being a teenager

Ive always been an extremely socially awkward kid, i was and still amazing at hiding it, not many people could but the ones im closest to, because i went and still do go to great measures to avoid it,...more >>

when I got the news

I got divorced in 2012 after being married for twenty years. At first, I was looking forward to seeing what was out there. I started caring again about myself, eating better, exercising. I got back in...more >>

Not a death sentence

Herpes found its way into my life at an early age. After discussing it with my partner, we went about an aggressive treatment and prevention plan. Learning my body and what to eat and when to play, I ...more >>

It's not a death sentence!

Everything was great and I was 12wks pregnant with baby no 4 with a new partner. With my ex husband we used condoms until we married 18mths later and had a check up for std's first as when I was 17 an...more >>

I eventually sabotaged an early relationship

I met someone a few months back, and found myself referring to her as the woman I have been searching for my whole life. Everything was awesome, genuine and moving along slowly because we both could ...more >>

Don't stop living your life

You have herpes.....I remember hearing those word like it was yesterday. I was first diagnosed in 2016 at the age of 20. I instantly remembering thinking my dating life is over because no one is going...more >>

Online Dating Disclosure

This is for those of you whom have asked to read my full disclosure on regular dating sites. I hope this continues to help some of you gain confidence in giving the talk and/or dating with our diagnos...more >>

Taking control of my life

I was diagnosed with genital herpes when I was 21 years old. As a young woman,I was not in tuned with my body.I would get flu like symptoms very often and couldn't understand why I was sick. One day, ...more >>

A friend for life

You have herpes.....I remember hearing those word like it was yesterday. I was first diagnosed in 2006 at the age of 21. I instantly remembering thinking my dating life is over because no one is goi...more >>

It's Never the End

I was in a committed relationship with a man I was supposed to marry for about 3 1/2 years. I was diagnosed with Herpes Simplex about two months into our relationship and like so many others, I was ov...more >>

In My Mind (Thoughts)

Ya know after finding out of course my recent BF stopped loving me. The xoxo and I love you completely stopped. Phone calls and text stopped. Wow and I at least was woman enough to let him know. No...more >>

Life after H (well sorta)

Eight years ago I was laying on the examining table, naked from the waist down legs spread like a two dollar hooker. I actually felt like one the minute the words left the doctors mouth. "It looks...more >>

Time heals all wounds

I know that it sounds so cliche, "time heals all wounds" but the saying is so true. I remember it so clearly, November 2009 and I get the call stating that my test came back positive for GHSV II. I ...more >>

Gold membership vs Standard

Several years after becoming widowed, I ventured into the dating scene. I was devasted when I found out I had contracted herpes. Often the question is asked if its worth it to upgrade to gold members...more >>

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