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Dating For Celebrities with Herpes, HIV, HPV & other STDs

As the world of celebrity opens up more than it ever has in the past, celebrities with STDs are making themselves known in a way that encourages ordinary people to do something about their own health situations. This is especially important when it comes to dating and relationships where honesty and forthright information are necessary.

The Possibility of Dating Famous People With STDs

Very few people join a dating site like Positive Singles in an attempt to date a celebrity. If that is your only goal, you would be better off moving to Los Angeles and gaining access to exclusive clubs or movie sets somehow. However, the openness of multiple famous people with herpes and other sexually transmitted diseases has helped pave the way for non-celebrity people to be more open about their own diagnoses.

This is an extremely important and positive change when it comes to building positive relationships. If celebrities with HIV or celebrities with HPV can speak out, ordinary men and women who wish to forge connections with others who understand can do so, too. Marissa Jaret Winokur, Broadway actress and winner of the reality show Celebrity Big Brother is just one of the famous people with HPV who has spoken out about how important it is to get checked especially when it comes to the increased possibility of cervical cancer.

Relationship Possibilities For Positive Diagnoses

Although the list of everyday people and celebrities with herpes is quite long due to the high rate of HPV diagnoses in the entire population of the US and world, there are other STDs that affect dating as well. No matter who you are, the necessity of revealing you have a life-changing disease or disorder can make forging connections with potential romantic partners a real challenge.

It can help to look at famous people with HIV like Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness for inspiration. Since truth pioneer and heartthrob Rock Hudson revealed he had AIDS way back in 1984, and big-name celebrities like Magic Johnson and Charlie Sheen announced their positive status, more people have been open about it.

If you are living with HIV, HPV, or any other STD, you do not have to shy away from all future romantic connections. However, you do need to be open and upfront with people you become involved with in order to be a respectful and responsible person. Needless to say, these conversations are fraught with risk and potential heartbreak. Work of celebrities with herpes and more have helped.

Online relationship platforms Positive Singles have helped millions of people open up about their diagnosis and connect with others who truly understand the difficulties of dating with an STD in the modern era. Although the membership list may not have famous people and celebrities, it does have a huge number of men and women just like you looking for fun, romance, and a lifetime relationship.