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Atlanta Dating For STD People With Herpes HIV and HPV

There are so many people living in Atlanta that meeting someone new can be overwhelming. This is even more true when you have an STD. But you don’t have to avoid dating when you create a profile with PositiveSingles.com. It helps you connect with others all over Atlanta that also have an STD to manage.

You are not alone in your struggle. As of now, there are 16776 people suffering from an STD, living in Atlanta. This means the dating pool is diverse enough that you may be able to find a romantic partner, or even friends who understand what you are dealing with.

Of all the Atlanta residents infected with an STD, 73% of them have been diagnosed with herpes, with just over 63% having HSV-1 and just over 36% having HSV-2. The numbers are drastically lower for other types of STDs. Of the remaining infected, 18% of them have an HIV diagnosis, while 5% of them are infected with HPV.

When it comes to gender breakdown, 52% of men in Atlanta have an STD while only 44% of women do. Statistics also show that 3.6% of all couples are each battling their own STDs.

These numbers should do nothing but encourage you. They prove that it is possible to find happiness with a fellow STD sufferer. Bonding over a common problem may help you build a stronger relationship than you would be able to otherwise.

There is no reason to be ashamed of your diagnosis. With someone else out there struggling with the same one, you will be able to offer each other support in a judgement free environment. Dating someone that understands the pain is a gift that everyone with an STD owes himself or herself.

By joining PositiveSingles.com you avoid the stress of having to confess to the person you are dating that you do have an STD. We created this site to make you feel comfortable meeting other people. By browsing profiles you can find someone to connect with without having to meet people in more traditional ways.

Having an STD does not make you any less of a romantic partner to someone than you would be otherwise. There does not have to be a negative stigma surrounding your diagnosis. Being able to put your disease aside is often all you need to gain the confidence to start dating again. Knowing that you can relax and meet people will make the process easier and help facilitate the kind of true love that everyone is looking for. Your PositiveSingles.com profile will open doors for you that you would not have had access to otherwise.