• Depression is Inevitable but Manageable among the Singles Posted by Admin on Dec 20, 2018

    Depression is Inevitable but Manageable among the Singles

    It is wise to admit that depression rates among young singles diagnosed with STD is on the increase and needs urgent attention. An increase in suicidal thoughts among adults is a red sign that responsible parents and loved ones should take into consideration to save the situation before it gets out of hand.

    Besides the embarrassment and agony of learning that you are infected with STD, there is hope in knowing that it is manageable. STD is not a fatal illness and should not be the cause of panic and extreme strain psychologically. Today, the virus has infected a large portion of the American population across all ages and classes of singles. In fact, based on recent surveys, scientists have suggested that one of four women and one out of every five men are infected with herpes in the US. What is most amazing is the fact that despite these high rates, most of the victims are unaware of their condition. If you are infected, you do not need to worry and get depressed because you are not alone.

    It is important to note that singles living with the virus can still lead long happy and romantically satisfying lives. They can still maintain their normal lives while managing their condition with medication. However, the stigma that comes with knowledge and spread in the society is detrimental. It is the cause of depression in many young singles and a likely cause of suicide. STD and dating remain a problem facing these singles when it should not be a hindrance to experience a life full of love and happiness.

    Panic and Worry

    After the first bout of the outbreak, it is common for most singles to slump into stress that eventually leads to depression. Although the frequency of subsequent outbreaks can be reduced with suppressing therapy, depression is a bigger enemy to restored or sustained health. The most complicated issue, especially among the singles, is dating with STD. STD and dating is increasingly a stressing issue and the reason for depression. However, when approached with openness and honesty, the condition is embraceable and manageable.

    The initial panic and worry that comes from the realization that one is infected are based on the stigma that follows. The fear of being rejected by a sexual partner and the discrimination among social circles and friends. In the effort to manage the disease, STD and sexual contact become the most complicated issue to approach. Since the disease is easily transferable by all forms of sexual contact, victims get depressed about having to change their sexual habits.

    Singles and Depression

    There are many recently conducted surveys that link depression to STD diagnosis. With the high increase of infections today, depression rates equally rise with a direct proportionality. Early statistics indicated that adults infected with the HSV-2 virus were twice as likely to be depressed compared to those who did not. These rates have since increased with the times, as more singles are falling victims to the virus. The surveys also found that depression is caused by the perception that the patients led a careless sexual life. They are assumed to be singles who take sexual risks or are promiscuous.

    STD may be the cause of depression in singles but depression also increases the frequency of STD outbreaks. This connection keeps singles in a psychological maze, which is hopeless and infuriating.

    Dealing with Depression

    The best way to deal with depression is; find singles or someone who is infected too and talk to them. This will be therapeutic and you will heal faster from depression. You will also experience fewer outbreaks thanks to a good psychological well being. When you meet singles with STD, you will not be afraid to open up and talk freely about the challenges, stigma, and share the best methods of dealing with the outbreak.  

    You may also hire the services of a psychiatrist or counselor. Call them whenever you need guidance or help to manage the disease. Apart from a professional counselor, a close loved one such as an elderly family member is a good choice for a confidant to help you talk about the disease and the challenges that come with it.

  • How STD Influences Dating Posted by Admin on Dec 02, 2018

    How STD Influences Dating

    Dating while living with STD is different. In fact, the thought of hooking up is itself a challenge. You have to consider multiple factors and overcome yourself before making the bold step of asking someone for a close relationship.

    The stigma in society is the main reason people living with an STD choose to confine themselves and lead a quiet and miserable life. Also, the mode of contraction determines if an individual regains normalcy in life or considers the lives shattered. Unlike common belief, STD is not always about promiscuous living. Sometimes, it is an accident or uncertain circumstances. In fact, some people can only speculate how they ended up with an STD.

    Dating with STD

    The fact that it is a lifetime condition is frustrating. You have to face the reality of living with a condition for the rest of your life. Some sexually transmitted infections are severe others are manageable. Also, it depends on an individual’s immunity. Like with herpes, the disease barely shows on the outside but other chronic infections like AIDS will affect an individual’s boy and will be easy to tell.

    How the disease affects your body has everything to do with dating. First, if your appearance is impaired, you will likely be less confident in public because you will imagine everyone knows of your condition and the exact cause. It is a difficult position to be in a society let alone narrowing down to a romantic partner.

    A hookup can be of great challenge when living with an STD. You are always insecure and oversensitive over comments of people around you. One is prone to hurt whenever negative comments are made in relation to sexually transmitted infections. Most people tend to be anti-social after the diagnosis because of fear of harsh judgment. In most cases, this is true; the society harshly judges people with STDs by linking it to loose living.


    People have different perceptions of relationships. For teenagers, they are concerned about fun and experience in the dating process. It is not much about the future. The focus of teenagers in a relationship is how fun and entertaining the partner is and how much time they can spend together in movies an outdoor activities. Usually, there is no long-term goal in teenage relationships. If there is an STD case, it can be perceived in two ways.

    The relationship can be easy and fun considering the entertainment and activities of the moment is the main goal, there is no much worry about the future with respect to lifetime commitments. On the other hand, it can be difficult for teenagers to relate to an STD infected partner because they are considered a risk and possible ruin to future life.

    Dating dilemma

    When dating while living with an STD, an individual cherishes the relationship considering finding another understanding person and going through the stages of judgment and explanation is hard. With teenagers, there is a lot of time to have fun and experiment with different partners with different personalities. This is also the same case with people free from STDs. There is less consideration in hooking up with someone; it is all about desirable features and personality compatibility. However, when it comes to dating with STD, the other party has to engage in critical thinking and probably consult and spend time with counselors before making a decision.

    To people with STD, once they are in a relationship they hold on to it and give their very best to make it a success. The truth is, it is hard for them to find another one.

    Sex and dating

    Sex is the main cause of STDs. Also, sex is a key characteristic of dating. People may have different opinions on the appropriate stage to have sex in a relationship but the basis is it is part of dating. While there are risks, sex has its benefits. It can be a defining stage for lovers. Sex helps relationships to mature. You know your partner better and settle with emotions.

    Dating is a process with multiple stages, which define the success or failure of the relationship.



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  • Rejection is everywhere, not only when dating with STD Posted by Admin on Nov 27, 2018

    Rejection is everywhere, not only when dating with STD

    Dating is hard enough. Dating with an STD is harder, but when its an incurable STI, rejection is part of the norm. Herpes spreads fast and has affected 1 out of 50 people on earth. In the U.S., the rates are higher than this. Although the statistic seems scary, it is totally possible to successfully date with an STIYou can still find love if you do right. First, beware that you will meet quite some rejection.

    Rejection of people living with Herpes is not uncommon. It is one of the biggest reasons for formation of positive singles. This organization seeks to expose the world to the reality of the safety of dealing with spouses infected with Herpes. It is totally possible to find and sustain love with an infected person. The unspoken issue arising is always how to practice safe sex without getting a partner infected. A bigger issue is the stigma and stereotyping that comes with it. No one wants to be associated with the public image and reputation that comes with dating or living with Herpes. The organization seeks to fight against this world perception but you can also do it on your own.

    Rejection is not only among people infected with Herpes. This means that the way of dealing with rejection towards a bias partner should be similar in tactic and technique to other forms of rejection. Dating with STD should not be stressful enough to end your hopes of eve find love. Here are some of the steps to consider making your relationship work even when infected.

    Basically, if you are not prepared to be rejected, you are not prepared for dating at all

    Rejection is everywhere, not only when dating with STD

    Just like in every other area of life, you need to be prepared for the worst. It will help you carry a good attitude when you fail. This means you will be coming back up again and trying more. Dating with STDs don’t have to be a special case because is just that, rejection. If you have worked hard to impress your partner and invested in the relationship, it will hurt a lot to face rejection because of a condition you cannot change. It is, however, important to consider the possibility of rejection. You may, therefore, be upfront with the issue and state it early in the relationship to avoid a huge lose deep into the relationship.

    STD is only one of the reasons you may risk, and it is not the most complicated one

    The fear of the unknown is a bigger problem here. It is imperative to admit that dating with STD is not the most complicated problem on earth. You should not give up on love just because you have a scar to live with the name of an STD like Herpes. Many people are living with it and have stable relationships and marriages that last through their lifetimes. The stigma that comes with the knowledge of the infection is the reason for this risk. There are many reasons you may be rejected anyway so instead of worrying about the STD, you would rather proceed with pursuance of the relationship until the real reason of the rejection emerges. The STD may only be an excuse for your partner to leave because it is the easiest and most understandable reason. When you are left because of the STD, you will probably accept easily and blame yourself for it. Instead of blaming yourself, you should change your attitude and proceed with dating without the fear of rejection.

    Even on dating sites for people who have STD already, you might also get rejected

    Being rejected is not completely dependent on your STD condition. People living with the same problem as you may also reject you for other reasons apart from it. Focus, therefore, on building a love relationship bond so strong that no excuse or reason will come up to destroy it at any time. Let your STD condition be a secondary issue like the rest of the other issue when dating with STD.




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  • Tips To Stay Away From Online Dating Crime When You Are STD Positive Posted by Admin on Nov 19, 2018

    Tips To Stay Away From Online Dating Crime When You Are STD Positive

    The online dating crime against STD positive people is mainly online discrimination, the risk of being stigmatized and Sexual bias. The only way to escape online dating crime if you are STD positive is to find a place where people understand what you need and your current state. STD dating sites and STD support groups are particularly suitable to keep STD positive singles unhurt.

    Sometimes dating with STD does not always go as smoothly as one could possibly expect. Although it is not a new concept, its efficiency is not fully understood by most people. The whole point of opening up about your current condition may also be received positively by all people in your social media pages and varied websites. There are thus numerous online dating crimes that are committed against STD positive individuals.

    Being an individual who suffers from an STD prompts one to be automatically treated in a different way as compared to the other people around you. Online discrimination has been one of the reasons as to why most people do not put their health condition open for the media to view and criticize. Even your closest online friends and people who know nothing about you treat you differently from before.

    STD dating also puts you at risk of being stigmatized by your online followers. By creating an online profile about yourself, you practically tell the whole world that you are sick. People will literally judge you for contracting the STD and this poses a barrier to the healing process. Social STD stigma simply means that other people online critic you and condemn you being infected with the condition. STD stigma is often very common and strong.

    Sexual bias refers to a situation whereby one is treated unfairly due to their condition. In our case, STD positive individuals are treated unfairly with the notion that they did something really wrong and that is why they are infected with the STD. Also, these individuals are most likely to be verbally abused by other online platform users like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Some of the words used to describe them or even answer to their concerns may be harsh and hard for them to deal with. The reason why online crimes against STD positive people occur is mainly that not all people understand what these people need and what they are going through.

    How to avoid online dating crime

    As mentioned earlier, the main reason for discriminating STD positive people is lack of knowledge on their condition and for some it is ignorance. Therefore, the only way to escape online dating crime if you are STD positive is to find a place where people understand what you need and your current state. Being among a group of people who share similar woes as you give you hope and you gain the confidence that you are not going through the situation alone. Also, some problems like stress and fear are reduced by just being in a group where you everyone else relates to your situation. Fellow STD positive patients will duly understand that you do not need negative criticism but rather you need support to get through the disease.  In such a place, you will not encounter discrimination of any kind, verbal abuse or even be stigmatized for being infected with STD.

    Where should we do?

    The safest places to stay away from online crime are online support groups and STD dating sites. Although the sites are not always the best places for some people who are trying to fit into their new situation, it offers enough support and also one might get a life partner, date and maybe even settle down later. STD dating sites are absolutely free for the interested persons and the websites are full of helpful information that aims at offering all the required support to the individuals.

    On the other hand, online support groups are particularly helpful. First, they keep you busy thus offering a solution to depression since you are able to interact with people with similar situation. In these groups, you are able to meet the largest number of people that suffer similar stress, depression, and fears as you. They share how they have been able to deal with the situation and maybe by employing their strategies you stand a better chance at dealing with the same problems.

  • Should Clinics Guide Our Life With STD Than Just Confirm I'm STD Positive? Posted by Admin on Nov 15, 2018

    Should Clinics Guide Our Life With STD Than Just Confirm I'm STD Positive?

    Should Clinics Guide Our Life With STD Than Just Confirm I'm STD Positive?

    Clinics should provide guidelines for STD newly diagnosed people, especially how to find love again. For patients, it is also important to avoid blaming others, talk honestly to health workers and get in touch with your health department. Concerning how to overcome depression with STD, you should keep Practice breathing, be positive, learn about the disease, looking for support and face your emotions. STD Dating guidelines will help patients learn about ways of preventing getting reinfection or infecting other people for example through using condoms.

    Usually, most of STD results come back after testing from the lab after seven to ten days. The results normally have two outcomes; they could be negative or positive. When your results come out negative, it means you did not get infected. However, every STD has a ‘Window period’, a period between the moment a person gets in contact with the infection and the time the STD will manifest itself in a test. Taking a test too soon will result in a negative diagnosis. Sometimes tests come out positive indicating that you have been infected with an STD, and thus you need to start treatment immediately. When individual tests positive, you will be asked questions regarding your sexual partners so they can come and get tested so that they can also begin treatment. Although this procedure is really useful, clinics should offer more guidelines regarding their disease.

    What do we need other than the diagnosis?

    After a diagnosis, patients are usually shocked especially the people who learn that they have gotten a disease like HIV/AIDs that cannot be cured but needs constant treatment. So it is important that clinics provide guidelines for the patient in order to live a healthy life both physically and mentally.  

    Guidelines on how we get to use to live with STD

    Although it is really hard to deal with the news that you have tested positive for an STD, it is crucial that you find a way of coping with the situation as well as having beside you a strong support system such as family members along with friends. The feelings of anger will occur as you will be feeling betrayed by your sexual partner or the thought that you might have infected others will bring you down. The worst part is that STDs can result in chronic ailments and death, unfortunately. Apart from the emotional torture, there is the possibility of having trust issues amongst partners, dreams of having children can be shattered, and the joy of participating in sexual pleasures. So how can you cope with such a situation?

    1. Avoid blaming others

    It is wrong to jump into conclusion and assume that it is indeed your current partner is the one who has infected you. It could be that one or both your previous partners that infected you.

    2. Talk honestly to health workers

    Health workers have trained to deal with such situations, to be honest with them without worrying that they might judge you, their function is to help you in preventing further spread of the STD with confidentiality of course.  

    3. Get in touch with your health department

    Despite the fact that they cannot afford to offer all-inclusive services, they still have programs that give confidential testing, treatment along with partner service


    How to overcome depression with STD

    1. Practice breathing

    Mindful breathing can aid our bodies in calming down on a physiological level by engaging the parasympathetic nervous system. You are required to take a moment to concentrate on your breathing by sitting upright while placing your highs on your thighs, relaxing your shoulders as well as pushing your chest out. Then take deep breaths that will definitely help you relax.

    2. Be positive

    It is difficult to maintain a positive attitude after discovering you have been diagnosed with an STD, but it is important that you do. Being positive will help you cope with your situation and be willing to get better.

    3. Learn about the disease

    It is essential that educate yourself about the disease you are suffering from, you may have an easily curable one are a complicated one, either way, you will be more prepared after knowing what the disease entails and how it can get cured.

    4. Looking for support

    When you discover other people that are in the same situation as you are in, you will feel comforted when knowing another person knows exactly what you are going through. You can find these friends online or just around.

    • Face your emotions

    You should not give yourself a hard time, avoid being angry and negative about stuff and appreciate the little things.


    How to find love and start dating again with STD

    Getting diagnosed with a disease is not easy; it is even harder when you are looking for love. So in order to get into a stable relationship, you need to be frank about your condition, tell them the type of STD you have and how you got infected. This way, when the person decides to date you, it will be because they have made an informed decision and they will know the risk they are putting themselves into, honesty goes a long way.

     Why we need STD dating guideline from clinics?

    · Guidelines from clinics require you to inform your previous and current sexual partners about your condition so that they can take tests and know if they have been infected or not, this is important as it will save the partners from suffering that will be avoided by early treatment

    · STD Dating guidelines will help patients learn about ways of preventing getting reinfection or infecting other people for example through using condoms.

    · They are easy to accept since they come from trusted sources since they carry out research before approving something and people are more inclined to believe them.