• Being told that your partner has STD...What now? Posted by Admin on Jan 15, 2019

    Being told that your partner has STD...What now?

    Be upfront and open about your concerns about the STD

    The first time you learn that someone has herpes, it can be a very frightening experience. The average person doesn’t know much about common STD. It’s a taboo topic in most households where they learn such things. The information about sexually transmitted disease gathered from friends is often grossly inaccurate. Unless your friend is a doctor, they probably aren’t an expert when it comes to STDs. That’s the blunt truth that everyone needs to be aware of. When you first hear someone has herpes, it can send shivers down your spine. No need to say that it’s your most intimidate partner who may have the viral disease.

    Sit down and have the talk

    You’re going to need to talk with your partner if you plan on being sexually active. If you’re not going to go down that path, then there’s no need to talk about it at all. You can leave the subject where it is. But, if you are planning on having sex, then you’re going to want to educate yourself about it. No relationship can grow if it’s based on lies. You need a rock solid foundation for a relationship to survive and thrive. Feeling comfortable talking about anything and everything is a must. Yes, that means you’re going to have to talk about the herpes virus.

    There is no such thing as a stupid question

    You may feel uncomfortable asking some questions. Your partner may feel uncomfortable answering them. There must come the point when two adults can talk about things of a sexual nature. If your relationship continues to grow, then you’re going to have many more conversations about sex. There’s nothing wrong or sinister about sex. The only time sex becomes sinister is if you’re holding back information. If you know you have an STD and don’t tell your partner, then that’s wrong.

    Don’t be shy about the two of talking to a doctor

    What do you do if you believe this person could be your soul mate? It’s not just a fling, and you’re terrified of the idea of viral infections. What you do is set up a session for both of you to talk to a doctor. It could be your doctor or theirs; it doesn’t matter. If you have any questions, then just ask. Don’t be shy about your partner being there. You’re going to have to deal with herpes for the rest of your relationship. It will become easier to talk about. Right now it feels awkward, and you’re not sure about all of this. Hopefully, those feelings will go away after you speak to a doctor. You need to get this straightened out. It may take going to a doctor and talking to them about it. If your partner really is your soul mate, they’ll put up with a little uncomfortableness at the doctor’s office.

    The questions aren’t going to end

    There will come a time when you have fewer questions about your partner’s herpes infection. They won’t ever come to an end. Your partner will deal with outbreaks of genital herpes and other aspects of the virus. This is a reality that you’re going to have to deal with. It’s worth dealing with and taking seriously if you truly love the person. There isn’t a good reason why you shouldn’t invest the time in educating yourself. The most important aspect of learning about sexual contact and herpes is that you’ll be able to protect yourself and help your partner as they cope with cure for the virus.

    Allow your feelings to grow when dealing with herpes dating

     Being told that your partner has STD...What now?

    When you first learned the person you fell in love with had herpes it was a big shock. It probably rocked your world. Now you’re left trying to pick up the pieces. A million questions are going through your mind right about now. None of them seem to make sense in the slightest. How could you have fallen in love with someone who has herpes? What do you do now? These are all questions that are normal to ask yourself in a situation like this. It’s essential for you to realize that this isn’t the end of the world. The new love of your life deserves to be given a chance. The fact that they have herpes doesn’t have to be a deal breaker.

    Take a deep breath and educate yourself

    You need to calm down. Somehow try to pull it together. No one is ever going to say that finding out someone you love has herpes is an easy thing. It’s not easy. No one ever brushes off news like this. However, you need to realize that it’s not the deal ender that you think it is. You can and should allow your feels to grow. You already have some feelings for this person. They are unique in your eyes and them having herpes doesn’t change that. All it means is that they have a medical condition that you’ve got to be concerned about. It doesn’t mean that you can’t grow old and happy with this person.

    Anger, confusion, and sadness is normal

    It’s normal to feel these things when you learn that someone you care so deeply about has herpes. Allow yourself to feel these feelings. Suppressing feelings is never a good thing. You should also be open and honest about what you’re going through. A person who cares about you will understand. They must realize that you’re going to have a lot of questions. Telling someone you have herpes isn’t the end of the conversation, it’s the beginning. If they treat it as if it’s the end, then you’re definitely in big trouble. It means they aren’t going to be as forthcoming as needed to deal with this head-on.

    Being told that your partner has STD...What now?

    Grow as a couple together

    You’ll get over this hurdle. You will be educating yourself and being very transparent about everything. Marriage is not out of the question for someone who has herpes. A person with herpes can even produce healthy children. You can build a life together after overcoming this little bump in the road. The size of the bump will become less over time. At first, the bump feels like it’s a mountain. After you become educated about the herpes virus, it’ll be a tiny little molehill. It takes time to get to that point, and the two of you will get there together.

    Happiness should be the end goal of everyone. The way you achieve happiness is by falling in love and having a family. There is no greater happiness in the world than being a spouse and a parent. You and your partner can achieve those even if one of you has herpes and the other doesn’t. The foundation of your relationship will be built upon honesty and understanding. The rest will come as a natural byproduct of your love.


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