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    How STD Influences Dating

    Dating while living with STD is different. In fact, the thought of hooking up is itself a challenge. You have to consider multiple factors and overcome yourself before making the bold step of asking someone for a close relationship.

    The stigma in society is the main reason people living with an STD choose to confine themselves and lead a quiet and miserable life. Also, the mode of contraction determines if an individual regains normalcy in life or considers the lives shattered. Unlike common belief, STD is not always about promiscuous living. Sometimes, it is an accident or uncertain circumstances. In fact, some people can only speculate how they ended up with an STD.

    Dating with STD

    The fact that it is a lifetime condition is frustrating. You have to face the reality of living with a condition for the rest of your life. Some sexually transmitted infections are severe others are manageable. Also, it depends on an individual’s immunity. Like with herpes, the disease barely shows on the outside but other chronic infections like AIDS will affect an individual’s boy and will be easy to tell.

    How the disease affects your body has everything to do with dating. First, if your appearance is impaired, you will likely be less confident in public because you will imagine everyone knows of your condition and the exact cause. It is a difficult position to be in a society let alone narrowing down to a romantic partner.

    A hookup can be of great challenge when living with an STD. You are always insecure and oversensitive over comments of people around you. One is prone to hurt whenever negative comments are made in relation to sexually transmitted infections. Most people tend to be anti-social after the diagnosis because of fear of harsh judgment. In most cases, this is true; the society harshly judges people with STDs by linking it to loose living.


    People have different perceptions of relationships. For teenagers, they are concerned about fun and experience in the dating process. It is not much about the future. The focus of teenagers in a relationship is how fun and entertaining the partner is and how much time they can spend together in movies an outdoor activities. Usually, there is no long-term goal in teenage relationships. If there is an STD case, it can be perceived in two ways.

    The relationship can be easy and fun considering the entertainment and activities of the moment is the main goal, there is no much worry about the future with respect to lifetime commitments. On the other hand, it can be difficult for teenagers to relate to an STD infected partner because they are considered a risk and possible ruin to future life.

    Dating dilemma

    When dating while living with an STD, an individual cherishes the relationship considering finding another understanding person and going through the stages of judgment and explanation is hard. With teenagers, there is a lot of time to have fun and experiment with different partners with different personalities. This is also the same case with people free from STDs. There is less consideration in hooking up with someone; it is all about desirable features and personality compatibility. However, when it comes to dating with STD, the other party has to engage in critical thinking and probably consult and spend time with counselors before making a decision.

    To people with STD, once they are in a relationship they hold on to it and give their very best to make it a success. The truth is, it is hard for them to find another one.

    Sex and dating

    Sex is the main cause of STDs. Also, sex is a key characteristic of dating. People may have different opinions on the appropriate stage to have sex in a relationship but the basis is it is part of dating. While there are risks, sex has its benefits. It can be a defining stage for lovers. Sex helps relationships to mature. You know your partner better and settle with emotions.

    Dating is a process with multiple stages, which define the success or failure of the relationship.



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