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Computer Love make the distance go away  #Engaged
After being diagnosed with HSV-2 I thought my dating life was over. Or at least I would have to drop my standards really low. Thank GOD for Positive Singles it let me see there is a whole world out there who understands what I am going through. After 4 rough dates I ended my subscription and only messaged people for free. I was going to Chicago for a wedding when I decided maybe to send my final message. I saw his page he was handsome smart tall and open to new things. Perfect so I sent him a message no response. The weekend in Chicago came and went three weeks later I get a response. We exchange numbers and it was like we've know eachother forever. The only thing that scared me was the distance and the fact his profile said not looking for a relationship. Three months of talking on the phone and video chat we decided to meet in person. First thing I notice omg he is not tall lol but he was taller than me. Flowers in hand we had amazing weekend talking, bowling, exploring starved rock. I left that weekend with butterfly's but still contemplating the distance. Like clock work flirting and texting all the time. On new years he came up to visit me we spent some time trying new thing ice skating, karaoke, etc. Him being open and trying something that he was afraid to do made me really like him. Later that night he cupped my face looked me in the eye and said he does want to play games and really wants to get to know me. That moment I knew this man will love me like no other. Fast forward four years of knowing each other 2 years long distance to me moving to Chicago to start our life as a married couple. I don't know how I found PS but I am soooo happy you lead me to my husband and he is perfect. He is just as dorky and adventurous as me we help motivate eachother to be better people. I can't even describe how happy I am. Thank you PS!

Advice to other members:

If you are deciding if you want to join PS the answer is yes. My advice is to be honest what you are looking for and what you don't best way to weed out the bad apples are to see what are there deal breakers. But also be open to opportunities the person may not come as what you wanted...But it may be everything you didn't know you needed.