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I met someone on your website and we've been going for 3 months now  #Dating
I texted Rina for a couple of weeks before we met....went to have drinks the week COVID quarantine was just beginning.
We hit it off right away and agreed to have a second date. With the COVID shutdown we immediately found ourselves with very limited choices for date #2.....just coming over and hanging out was not her idea of fun so we got creative....we did weekend grilling where I am pretty good and with salmon one week and burgers the next she saw I had potential lol.
We started playing board games and found it was much better than the typical dates of movies and dinner.
We are doing very well together, since we are both in our 60's we see each other 2 or 3 times a week which keeps us from getting bored with each other.....

PS really gave me hope again.....I thought my dating life was over with
herpes and went into depression....thank you so much!!