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We were married in February of this year.  #Married
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We met on PS and communicated for about 3 years. I was living and working in Africa at the time, and she was living and working in Alaska. The common thread was Florida. I would visit Florida when I was home from Africa and she had plans to someday hopefully move to Florida. So basically it was left at if she ever gets to Florida and I was there for a visit we would meet.
Well, she did move to Florida 2 years ago, and when I was home for a Christmas visit in 2017 / 18 we finally made the plans to meet.
We we had been communicating via PS, Facebook and Skype for many months leading up to meeting in Florida.
We enjoyed our time together and continue to communicate after I returned to Africa. We got together again in July when I was home visiting family in Chicago.
She came to Africa in August with family and friends of mine to experience Safari and all that Africa has to offer and we continued to see that the relationship was moving in a forward direction.
I made the decision to return to the United States in late 2018 and moved to Miami where she was so we could be together.
We were married in February of this year.
I guess you could say PS has been a positive experience for both of us, no pun intended.
Thanks for what you do!