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Success  #Dating
I never post a picture on my profile because I'm to private for that. I've seen coworkers on here, and my business is mine. My match didn't have a photo either. After talking to her, I discovered it was for the same reasons. I knew we would hit it off. Her privacy was just as important to her in this age of people only wanting to see pics and body shots. Are they looking for love or lusting for a model? I sent her a pic after a few days of talking but, I told her not to send me one. I wanted the first time I see her to be in person. I wanted to get to know her before I saw what she looked like. Approximately a month after sending her the first email, we finally met. Two days have passed and I'm writing this story, and making this my last login.

Advice to other members:

Would you give a person you don't know, bullets to a gun hoping they don't shoot you? That's what you do when you list your dislikes on your profile. This serves them, not you. If your dislikes are a part of who they are, you have now told them what to hide until they get comfortable with you. If the person is a player, you gave them the blueprint on how to manipulate or play you. Be on the look out for things you don't like but, be quiet about it. If you keep it to yourself, the less they'll know what to hide about themselves. Become a PREMIUM MEMBER at least for a month. Most people respond to emails, and ignore winks. Too many people just want sex. They won't tell you that. Being a PREMIUM MEMBER helps you narrow the field.