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Found the love of my life on this website  #Dating
I created my account when I was told by someone that I should "stick to my own kind" when he found out about my diagnosis. I didn't pay much attention to the site, but since my account was set up through my email address that I view every day, it was hard to ignore the account. I responded to a total of maybe three people on here. Most of them didn't answer back much. Michael was the second person I had given my number to (the first person texted with me for all of 10 minutes then wee never spoke again). Ever since we texted that day, we have not gone a day without talking since. I'm not sure if we have even gone more than 8 hours without texting! it was only a few months that I had the account before I met Michael. I live in Massachusetts, and he lives in Atlanta Georgia. I have applied to Georgia State University and multiple jobs in Atlanta, as I plan to move in with him this summer. Sounds fast and crazy, but I never expected to meet such an amazing person. We do have plans to get married, and have even picked out names for our future kids! I couldn't be more thankful for this site.