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I have met someone through this site and we are dating.  #Dating
I have met someone through this site and we are dating.Well we havent known each other long and spoke on the phone once for 2 hours before meeting as well as emailing each other for about a month before meeting. We had planned to meet first by going to lunch but as I played a set (guitarist/singer) the night before, Matt decided to come and watch so thats when we first met. Although we still haven't known each other long we both reciprocated feelings of love at first sight and talk every day. (We live 1 1/2 apart). My tip would be to get out and meet people. To not judge to much by a profile as it really doesn't express the essence of someones true personality. Before meeting I knew we communicated really well but it wasn't until we met and I felt the intense unexplainable chemistry between us did I think that there was more than friendship. We haven't got a photo of us together yet but can send one when we do :) thanks. Gem