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Both of us thank you very much  #Dating
I would like to send my appreciation towards the
creation of this wonderful web site. Positive Singles is doing an immense service in
being able to connect people with "stigma" so called dis-eases such as HIV. I met my
new girl friend and new found deep love interest on Positive Singles. She came on
for a "test run" for one month to see where it would lead her. I came on the site
around the same time. From our profile right up until our first meeting it was all
positive. I don not believe that two middle aged adults such as us could have been
happier with how things are turning out. For sure we have a lot of one for one
another. This web site proves without a doubt that when two people are supposed to
connect, they will. I am not nor have I ever been a member of any other site, so I
can not comment on any compare or contrast. But Positive Singles has allowed me to
connect to an amazing woman....I thank you. Pleas e feel free to use all or part of
any of this commentary as a Positive endorsement for the site! Both of us thank you
very much, peace and love H&J