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Thank you for having this site  #Dating
Well first he winked at me. I checked out his profile and saw that he appeared to be what I was looking for not just in looks but likes and dislikes as well. Because I'm not a member I couldn't email him so I just winked back to let him know I was interested and that he should contact me. He emailed me the very next day. From then we just emailed back and forth everyday for almost a month until he gave me his number. When he gave it to me I remember him saying that he was going to give me his number and that he hoped I wasn't crazy. I waited until the next day to finally text him because I was super nervous. When we started texting it was as if we had been friends for years. I held a get together for a friend at my place and invited him out and he immediately drove the 2 hours to come meet me and my friends. That was the first time we met. When I saw him in person I knew he was the one. The look in his eyes told me he felt the same. That night we instantly clicked and it felt as if we had been in a relationship for many years. Even my friends who knew I had just met him felt as if we had been together for years. We visited each other back and forth for awhile and discovered that we had been crossing each others paths for awhile. We grew up just an hour away from each other and he actually knew some of my friends from high school. There are plans for marriage eventually. We don't want to rush marriage because of our families. But we are moving in together soon. Honestly the only thing I can recommend is more variety in the winks. That and making membership cheaper. Thank you for having this site though because if it hadn't been for this site we never would have met.