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We dated for three months.  #Dating
Actually he is very camera shy and I haven't been able to talk him into taking a picture with me yet, maybe this valentines day...

He contacted me and said something silly like I see you live very close to me want to go out to dinner sometime. Very romantic, I know right!

We went out to dinner the very next night. We hit it off from the second we saw each other. We dated for three months and then he decided it was too soon after his very bad divorce that left him very damaged emotionally.

He contacted me again right before Thanksgiving this year and said he would like to try and just be friends because he enjoyed being with me. Just a couple weeks ago he decided that if we took it slow that he would be interested in eventually getting married. We haven't set a date or even a year for that matter, but I care deeply for him and would like this to work out.