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I have been lucky enough to meet someone  #Dating
I have been lucky enough to meet someone who knows my entire history and completely accepts it as well myself with an open heart. When I was first infected, I felt hopeless, alone, and ashamed. Never would I have imagined that someone would look past this burden, especially someone who didn't have anything remotely similar to it. I am so thankful though. I am thankful that there are people out there who love for the right reasons, whether they be a family member, a friend, or a partner. Love is a powerful entity. And I truly believe that it can overcome anything.
This website gave me the courage to admit to my disease. I had trouble coming to terms with it and avoided dating because of this. PositiveSingles let me know that I wasn't alone and that plenty of people had experienced what I had. This knowledge gave me the power to admit to who I was and what baggage I came with, which allowed me to have an open and honest relationship with my hubby.
May of 2013 I met him at an restaurant establishment that I was recently hired at. He was my trainer and we connected very early on and were an item by July.
Marriage will probably not be for a few years once I've completed my Masters