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living a wonderful, full, happy life together  #Dating
I joined PS with low expectations in terms of love and romance; NZ has a small population spread out over a huge area, and it would be unlikely to find more than companionship. I live in a very remote area - where EVERYbody knows everybody, no casual dating here! - and sure enough there were few on PS of age/region/personal compatibility. Actually, only one....................

So we corresponded for a while, but my marital situation was not finalised, so I pulled out. But then felt more final so reconnected briefly - and then, in confusion, said a final farewell to what was clearly a very good and decent PS lady. Hey, welcome to the Real Modern World of confused relationships...................

Eventually I pulled myself together and set Jan 1st 2012 as the First Day of my new life alone. I was honest to my ex that I would then move on - I may have Messaged, but I never Met, while the marital relationship was working its way out.

So, as a single guy, I rejoined PS and just sort of checked, had a sneaky peak: YEP, she was still there! So I said straightforwardly that I had been where I was, but was now single, we had done enough messages - did she want to meet? Sure \I knew she was a kind person; but after all my confusion (in which I had at least been honest), I was amazed that she agreed immediately.

We met in a park. Her hometown is 4 hrs from me (heck, I live 3 hours from a roundabout or traffic light!), so I parked my motorhome. It was a gloriously sunny day, I was early, took the dogs for a stroll. I was pleased to meet & chat to someone from PS, but had no nerves or excitement, as I had no expectations - I had been attracted by her kind words more than by her picture. So when a car pulled up next to my motorhome and an elegant slim blonde stepped out, I thought "Damn, I wish the girl I was meeting looked like that!!"

Then she called my name. Wow! OMG! Sunlight glinting through her blonde hair, red summer dress, warm welcoming smile.......

Well, you think we two, both over 50, should be smart enough to know better, and to take our time sensibly. Sorry to disappoint you folks, but We Knew. We knew within hours, if not minutes (she says that she knew instantly). Since then, only two months ago, she has downsized her job to spend more time with me (I am a pretty free agent), so living apart is an asset not a hindrance - I spend 4 nights a fortnight in the big city with her (theatres & live music) , she spends four nights a fortnight in my country home (horses & motorbikes).

So we have three nights a week apart, but talk, text and email all day; and can see our friends and do our own thing - she goes to Meditation and I go hunting hahahahaha! I never said we were exactly alike! But we get on like a house on fire, love each other to bits, will be living fultime in the country within two years and.......what was that? marriage? I have learnt my lesson: in Life, you never know; for sure I have an open mind.

So thanks, PS, two lonely people with fractured lives - are now living a wonderful, full, happy life together.