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In a serious relationship.  (Dating)
He contacted me first although he was among my favorites. We communicated for about three weeks before meeting. One of the few men that actually wrote detailed emails which were great. We agreed to meet for coffee, moved to a walk along the water, and ended with sharing a night cap of coffee ice cream. There are plans of a future together. No plans of marriage.

I went through a lot to get here. A lot of this has nothing to do with the site. Unrealistic expectations of many of the men are a huge part of my negative experience. Not wanting to provide a photo. Saying they were interested, but nothing else-not really communicating as if they were waiting for a better offer.

I was also targeted several times because of my education and earning potential. If you could weed this out it would be great, but there is no way to know the intentions of everyone.

Thanks for providing this service.

Advice to other members:

Communicate well with email, provide details and discussion. This is the first chance to show interest and get to know someone.

Being open and honest about what you are looking for and also the major issues you are going through. They come out at some point.

Be wary of those that want to move too fast, asking for personal details too quickly.

Oct 17, 2011

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