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I have met someone and it was from the site. Thank you.  (Dating)
We emailed for a couple of days before swapping numbers and spoke on the phone and texted for about 2 weeks before we met up. I think we would have met up sooner if we didn't live so far away from each other - it's a three hour drive! We had a lot in common and knew that we got along really well from chatting on the phone and we both felt able to be really honest with each other because our HSV status was there on the table from the beginning. We also exchanged lots of picture messages so we were quite familiar with how the other one looked in day to day life.

As he lives in a nice part of the country I arranged a short break there so we would be able to spend a reasonable amount of time getting to know each other. It just didn't seem like too much of a gamble to make the journey to meet - for some reason our instincts told us that it was a good idea!

We got along instantly and were lucky enough to be able to spend the best part of a week getting to know each other. We have already talked about the future - you have to really when you live so far apart - and have arranged to meet again in a week's time when we'll be able to spend 4 days together. We are both very happy and confident that we have found 'the one' so we're leaving the site. We wouldn't have met without PS, so I'm really glad I joined. For anyone thinking about joining, I would say 'go for it' - but you get out what you put in so put up a few pictures and spend a bit of time on writing and updating your profile.

When I found out I had HSV I thought I wouldn't be able to cope with dating and would be spending the rest of my life on my own - then I discovered PS. I'm so glad that I plucked up the courage to join - I can honestly say now that getting HSV is the best thing that ever happened to me! I wouldn't usually write anything like this, but there's so much negativity about HSV, I just thought that if this gives someone some hope and makes them feel positive about the future, then it's worth doing - even if it does sound a bit corny.

Thanks PS

Aug 29, 2011

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