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I found my prince charming Rodney Crew
Interesting story is ours for sure, we exchange emails for 2-3 days then txt msgs and finally talk on the phone all this in a week time, the day of the meeting I was sick with a stomach virus and even though I was sick he still wanted to meet, so I went to a Royal Farms parking lot and did a quick meeting or so I thought it easily turned into a 4hrs talk to a whole night together and been together since, I was in the process of moving to Florida and he quickly jump along, we bought a home here in Florida and are planning to get married Feb or March of 2012, Is been an amazing journey with this man he is definitely my prince charming the one that you can only find in fairytale stories..... To be continued.

Advice to other members:

Give everything you got you never know what will happen until you try and always leave your past baggage behind so you can be more open to the possibility of been happy again.

May 29, 2011

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