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I appreciate your services and I am grateful for finding you.  (Dating)
I am pleased to say that I did meet someone from this site...I appreciate sites like this where people can truly feel like they aren't alone with what they are dealing with. It makes it a lot easier to meet someone with that out of the way and I feel it allows you to open up a lot more. I have tried other dating sites prior to this one and have had bad luck when it came down to having to tell someone "the news." I was very down when I accidentally stumbled upon this site and it has been the best thing for me. I did meet someone special and although he lives 900 miles away, we have been talking every day for the past month and seem to have everything in common! I have been going through a lot of family troubles lately and he has been there for me through all of it...I feel like the timing could not have been more perfect. Although we still haven't met face-to-face, we have an incredible chemistry and I feel like I've known him for a while. We are actually meeting this Friday and are spending the weekend together. I am looking forward to it immensely! We have discussed future plans regarding our relationship (and eventually marriage and children) and plan on dating until he makes the big move...still taking things slowly, but there is definitely a future for us and I have you to thank. I appreciate your services and I am grateful for finding you and giving it a made all the difference in the world.

Jul 28, 2010

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